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2016-17 Millennial Speech and Debate Content

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September 1 Zika funding politics

September 2 Policy evidence update, September 1-3 Politics Update

September 3 Drop Box Politics Update

September 4 Probable Cause PF Topic Update

September 4 China Space Coop Neg + Space Files

September 5 Probable Cause PF Topic Comprehensive File

September 6 Core PF novice blocks, Extemp questions 

September 7 South China Sea Update

September 8 Politics Update

September 9 Topic Lecture — School to Prison Pipeline ; Topic Lecture — School Violence DA;  [Lecture notes]
US-China war answers and update

September 10 New evidence — Surveillance good: equality;  SROS bad update;  Answers to SROS bad; The courts and social change

September 11  Fighting the most common probable cause strategy: Pros have a lot of work to do 

September 16 Continuing Resolution Politics File

September 16 Essay: Adopting Probable Cause Will Not Lead to Restorative Justice

September 17 Drop Box Politics Update
                         Introduction to Public Forum and Probable Cause Preparation

September 18 Essay: Bilal Butt: Keys to Securing a Top Speaker Award

September 20 PF Topic Update: Courts and Social Change

September 21 LD Topic Update, Kritik Answer Update

September 22 Weekly Politics Update, TPP update 

September continues below


August 31  Politics files release

August 30∫ School to Prison Pipeline — Pro evidence and Con Answers

August 30 UIL L-D release

August 28 IPPF Resources

August 26 Nuclear power in space update

August 25 General nuclear power update

August 20 New Jersey v. TLO Amicus Briefs 

August 15  Nuclear power resources 

August 10  Probable cause searches master file updated 


September Continued


September 24 Drop Box Politics Update

September 26 Extemp Update

September 28 Fall UIL LD topic update

September 29 Weekly Politics File

September 30 Policy topic update


October 1  Drop Box Politics Update

October 2 Full bibliography for November-December LD Topic

October 3  Extemp Questions
Full bibliography for November PF topic

October 5 Full LD topic evidence release

October 6  Weekly Politics File

October 7  Full PF evidence release

October 8 Drop Box Politics Update

October 11 November-December LD topic essays
October 12 November PF essays

October 13  Weekly Politics File

October 14 Policy Topic Update

October 15  Drop Box Politics Update

October 17 Release of 10 New Congress Files

October 18 Extemp Questions

October 20 Weekly Politics File

October 21 Policy Topic Update

October 24  Extemp Questions

October 25  November PF Update

October 26  November-December LD Update

October 27  Weekly Politics file

October 29 Drop Box Politics Update

October 31  Extemp topics


November 1 PF topic research links

November 2 PF topic initial evidence file

November 3  Weekly Politics file

November 5 Drop Box Politics Update

November 8  November PF topic review from the first weekend

November 9 December PF topic essays

November 10 Weekly Politics file

December PF topic lecture

November 11 Policy Update

November 12 Drop Box Politics Update

November 14  Extemp questions

November 16  Final November PF topic review

November 17 Weekly Politics file

November 19 Drop Box Politics Update

November 28 Extemp Questions

November 30 December PF Topic Update



December 1  Weekly Politics file

Research Links – January PF

Research Links – January-February LD

December 2  Policy Update

Evidence release – January PF

December 3 Drop Box Politics Update

Evidence release – January-February LD

December 5  Extemp Questions

Evidence update – January PF

December 6 Essays – January PF

December 7  December PF Topic update

December 8  Weekly Politics file

Essays – January/February LD

December 10 Drop Box Politics Update

December 12  Extemp Questions

December 15 Weekly Politics file

December 16 Policy Update

December 17 Drop Box Politics Update

December 21 January PF Topic Review from Blake



January 1 February PF resolution links

January 2 February PF evidence release

January 3  Extemp topics

January 4  February PF essays

January 5  January-February LD Update
Politics Update

January 6  Policy topic update

January 7 Drop Box Politics update

January 9 Extemp topics

January 12 Politics update

January 14  Drop Box Politics update

January 17 Extemp topics

January 19 Politics update

January 20 Congressional Debate legislation update

January 21 Drop Box Politics update

January 23  Extemp topics

January 24 2017-18 Policy topic argument list

January 25  February PF topic update

January 26 Politics File

January 27  Policy topic update

January 28 Drop Box Politics update

January 30  Extemp topics



February 1  March PF research links,

March/April LD research links

February 2  Weekly Politics update

February 3 March PF evidence release

February 5 March/April LD evidence release

February 7 March PF essays

February 8 March/April LD essays

February 9 Weekly Politics file

February 10 Policy topic update

February 11 Drop Box Politics update

February 12 Harvard Congress legislation coverage

February 13  Extemp topics

February 16 Weekly politics update

February 18  Drop Box politics update

February 21  Extemp topics

February 23 Weekly Politics update

February 24 Policy topic update

February 25 Drop Box politics update

February 26  2017-18 Policy topic Aff release

February 27 Extemp topics


March 1  April PF research links

March 2  Weekly politics update
April PF evidence file

March 4  Drop Box Politics update

March 6 Extemp Topics

March 8 PF topic essays

March 9 Weekly Politics files

March 10 Policy update

March 11 Drop Box politics update

March 12 2017-18 Policy topic Aff release

March 13 Extemp topics

March 16 Weekly Politics files

March 18 op Box politics update

March 20  Extemp topics

March 22 April PF evidence update

March 23  Weekly Politics file

March 25  Drop Box Politics Update

March 26 2017-18 Policy topic Aff release

March 27 Extemp topics

March 30 Weekly Politics file


April 1 May/NCFL PF topic release research links

Drop Box Politics Update

April 3 Extemp topics

April 5  PF evidence release

April 6 Weekly Politics File

April 7 Policy update

April 8 Drop Box Politics Update

April 15 5 2017-18 Policy Files

April 25 Policy update

April 26 PF & LD Updates

April 27  Extemp topics

April 28 Weekly Politics File 

April 29 Box Politics Update


May 2  NSDA PF research links

May 3 NSDA LD research links

May 5 NSDA PF evidence release

May 8 Extemp topics

May 9 NSDA LD evidence release

May 11 Weekly Politics file

May 13 Drop Box Politics file

May 22 Extemp topics

May 25 Weekly Politics update

May 27 Drop Box Politics file


June 1 – Full initial coverage of HS NSDA Congress Topics (many files + research links)

June 2 – Evidence from, Conflict and Cooperation in US-Sino Relations

June 3 – Full initial coverage of MS NSDA Congress Topics (many files + research links)

June 4 – Final coverage of HS NSDA Congress Topics – Full files most topics on website and in the Drop Box Folder.  Research links for all topics.

NSDA World Schools topics coverage

Round 1: This House would abandon the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement. [files]

Round 2: This House would dissolve FIFA. [Bibliography]

[wpfilebase tag=”file” id=1250]

Round 4: This House supports a British exit from the European Union. [Bibliography]

Double Octafinals: This House supports the use of genetically modified mosquitoes to combat the Zika virus. [Bibliography]

[wpfilebase tag=”file” id=1249]

Finals: This House will create public housing for the poor in wealthy areas. [Bibliography]

June 6 — Final coverage of MS NSDA Congress Topics – Full files for most topics on website and in the Drop Box folder.  Research links for all topics.

June 7 – Evidence from, White World Order/Black Power Politics: The Birth of American International Relations and Desegregating race: A conversation with Mike Vitalis

[wpfilebase tag=”file” id=1252]

June 8 – NSDA Politics [Donald Grasse]

[wpfilebase tag=”file” id=1253]

June 9 — Evidence from America’s Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and the New America

[wpfilebase tag=”file” id=1254]

June 18  Elections files release

June 19 — Single payer bibliography

June 20 — Police immunity bibliography and associated race files

June 21– Mandatory national service bibliography and associated files

June 21 — National security and civil liberties bibliography plus associated files

June 21 — 21 files on the Commander-n-Chief LD topic

June 22 — Probable cause PF topic bibliography

June 23 — Probable cause Intro essay

June 23 — Probable cause intro file

[wpfilebase tag=”file” id=1300]

June 25 – Evidence from, This is how a bloody US-China war would start,  The plane Taiwan needs to defend against China, If the US and China go to war: The battle of Senkakus, How China sees the international order, China’s legalist revival, The rising risk of a China-Vietnam military clash

June 26 – Full Taiwan Aff & Neg release

June 27 – China cyber security cooperation Aff and Neg release

June 28 – Published list of solvency cards on the China Policy topic that have been found to date.

June 29– China update

June 30 – Full bibs and relevant linked resources on all NSDA L-D resolutions for 2016-17


July 1 – Evidence from Mission Failure — America and the Post Cold War Era

July 2 – September-October PF Topic Bib Topic #2

July 4th – September-October PF Card File release Topic #1

July 6th – September-October PF Card File release Topic #2  *[Tim O’Shea]

July 8th – Final Essay(s) on PF Topic #1

July 10th – Essay(s) on PF Topic #2 * [Tim O’Shea]

July 15 – Policy topic update – cards from Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Orbis, International Security, International Studies Quarterly and other major periodicals that are relevant to the topic