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About Us

Founded in 2015, Millennial Speech & Debate offers an exceptional speech and debate education to students from around the world.  Our mission is simple: To provide the best instruction and argument development support available so that students will experience both competitive success and be prepared for any career they choose in law, politics, science, academia, or industry. Our contributors bring decades of experience and competitive success to their work with students to help them meet their competitive goals.

Our program of free and subscription-based instructional materials, summer camps, and online courses are all developed to enable you to be the best debater and person that you can be. We look forward to working with you during your time as a student or coach. 

Stefan Bauschard: Millennial founder Stefan Bauschard has been active in speech and debate since 1985, first as a competitor and then as a teacher and coach.  He has coached debate at Cathedral Prep, St. Mark’s, Lakeland Schools, Boston College, Harvard University, and Wake Forest University.

Stefan has supported the development of large debate leagues in New York City, China, the Dominican Republic, Japan, Morocco,  South Korea and Taiwan.  In 2009, Stefan cofounded a summer workshop that has attracted more than 1,500 students from around the world.  In 2015, he co-founded the Millennial Speech & Debate Institutes with Dr. P. Anand Rao.

Dr. P. Anand Rao is Professor of Communication and Director of the Speaking Intensive Program and the Speaking Center at the University of Mary Washington. With a doctorate in communication and rhetoric, Anand has presented at dozens of national and international academic conferences, and regularly serves as a consultant and workshop leader for academic programs in the United States. He has more than thirty years of experience with speech and debate at the high school and college level, and served as a consultant on a documentary about the National Debate Tournament.

Brian Manuel is the Director of Policy Debate at Stanford University and the Director of Debate at Edgemont Jr/Sr. High School. One of the most successful coaches at all levels, Brian’s teams have won more accolades that one can count, including championing Emory, the Top Speaker at NSDA nationals, . finalist at Wake Forest, semifinalist at Cal Berkeley, and late elimination round participants at the Tournament of Champions. After taking over a dormant Stanford policy program, his teams reached the elimination rounds at the college National Debate Tournament in only his second year

Additional regular contributors to Millennial include Dave Arnett, former Director of the Cal Berkeley program and current director of the University of Kentucky program; Caspar Arbeeny, ranked 5th nationally in Public Forum in 2015-16, and the entire University of Kentucky debate team.