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British Council Kicks-Off Debate Boxing Days


The British Council in Tunisia is organising a three-day event where NGOs, universities and schools from across the country will compete for the title of the best debate club in Tunisia in three competitions featuring 96 debaters from 24 debate clubs. The event, called ‘Boxing Days Tunisia’ after the football fixture-heavy English bank holiday, is part of the Young Arab voices project, supported with expert trainers and organisers, training materials and online resources by the International Debate Education Association (IDEA).

The NGO debate clubs and the university debate societies will debate in separate tracks following the Extended Mace format developed for the project, which combines a competitive debate format friendly to novice speakers with an audience-engaging floor speech session, setting the tone for interactive discourse in societies undergoing democratic transition.

The high school debate clubs, which are also competing for the opportunity to represent Tunisia at the World Karl Popper Debate Championship at the upcoming 2013 IDEA Global Youth Forum in Galway, Ireland, will be competing in the Karl Popper format, featuring 3-on-3 debates with cross-examination sessions, designed to bring about educational outcomes alongside high quality competition.

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