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Millennial Speech and Debate — Welcome to our new website!

Millennial Speech and Debate — Welcome to our new website!

Thank you for visiting our new website!

[How to add multiple students]

We have rolled out a brand new site with many new features, and we will soon add even more.  So far, there are a number of critical changes that we have made.

*User Levels and Pricing

    • We have added a number of unique user levels — Public Forum, L-D, Policy, Extemp, Congress, and Public Speaking. Users can subscribe to each user level for the year for $69 each
    • We have also added a Master subscription level that gives you access to all users levels for $239 for the year. ¬†Those who purchase multi user accounts can add additional students for $20/student — see pricing below. ¬†These prices are good until September 1, 2017.

    • Individuals can subscribe for free — “Free Public Forum Users.” ¬†These users can access a limited amount of content for free when they are logged in.¬†Users must have selected at least one event when choosing their free level in order to see content at that level.
  • If you already subscribed for 2017-18, you are ‚Äúgrandfathered‚ÄĚ in to the Master subscription.
  • Coaches with Master accounts valued at at least $399 will have access to our online courses. ¬†When students complete the course, they will¬†receive badges and their badge status will then display in their coach’s accounts so the coaches can see what courses they have completed.¬†

*User/event specific displays

If after logging on you choose a single event that you participate in, when you log back on in the future you will only see the material relevant to that event and a specific home page dedicated to that event. If you participate in more than one event, you will see our main home page with materials for all events.

*An easy way to add students to multi-user accounts

Coaches who purchase multi-user accounts can simply add students by entering in those students’ email addresses.  After the email is entered, students will receive an email to confirm. Coaches can easily do this in their my account area.

*Online courses. ¬†We have started the development of online courses, some of which are available now. The courses are divided into three types. ¬†All of these courses are automated — students watch videos (and sometimes have text to read) and then they answer a series of questions. Once a student gets 100% on all of the tests at the end of each lesson in the class, they receive an electronic badge for the course in their accounts.

Free.  We have a research course that is available now to all registered members.

Korea topic course. Designed to teach students about the Korea topic, this course is available to all users with a PF subscription.  We will be offering similar courses in other events and for other topics.

Master access class courses. ¬†These courses are available to all students whose coaches have purchased Master subscriptions that are valued at at least $399. ¬†When students are enrolled through Millennial (through the add students feature), students can take the online course and then answer a series of questions. When the students get 100% on the quizzes, they not only receive a badge but their badge is placed in their coach’s account as well. ¬†This way coaches can keep track of student knowledge progression.

Instructions on how to access and use our research courses.

*Expanded content

We now have more than 5,000 files, regular content in all events, as well as new content in public speaking.  And we will have even more features next week!

*Enhanced text and graphics

Our new site is easier to read, navigate, and is more visually pleasing.


You can receive automatic notifications of event-specific content on your web browser.  Additional notification opportunities will be announced soon!

While these are the core changes and improvements we have made at our site, you can expect even more in the coming weeks!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.