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How Coaches can Add and Activate Their Students

Coaches who have purchased Master subscriptions can add and activate their own students, up to the number of student subscriptions that they have purchased (Master + number of students).

To add students, coaches should choose “Coach Dashboard” from the drop down under “Profile” on the top black menu bar.


On the next screen, Coaches will be asked to create a group, such as, “The Smithfield Debate Class.”

This will then them to a screen where they can enter the names and emails of their debaters. If the student email is automatically registered, they will simply be added. If they are not registered, the student will receive an email confirming the registration. It will also send them a temporary password that they can reset.

[Note: If your student does not receive the initial email, there you can hit “resend invite” next to their name in your roster].


The addition of the student will then be confirmed.

Once the student is confirmed, the will have the same ability to access instructional and research content as a Coach. If a Coach has a $399+ Master subscription, they can also see badges for any courses that students take and pass.