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Free Online Research Course Available

Free Online Research Course Available

We have a new, free online research course available to all of our Members — membership is free to registered users.

To take the course, simply register at our website, if you haven’t already.

Once you are registered, simply choose the research course from “Ecourses” on the top menu bar.





You will then choose your course, and then the class within our course.  These are the classes in the Research course.





















You will then be taken to a lecture to watch (in some cases readings are also available)















At the end of the lecture, you will be directed to take a quiz.























Once you pass the quiz, and all of the quizzes for all of the classes in the course, you will receive an electronic bad and certificate. You can print the certificate, and the badge will be placed in your account. If you participate as part of a multi-user school account, your coach will also receive a copy of your badge in order to track your progress.