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Former Olympic Coach Imparts Wisdom to Students

Former Olympic Coach Imparts Wisdom to Students

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As a boy, he struggled with a stutter that led other children to tease him.

He didn’t let it stop him. Instead, Hislop became a member of his high school’s debate team and attacked his impediment head-on.

During debates, “[I] would grab [my] hands and hold on to stop them from shaking,” Hislop said. In spite of the nerves, he memorized hundreds of pages of material and became a formidable debater, and then a teacher.

“By the time [I] went to college, most of the other students never realized [I] had a stuttering problem,” Hislop recalled, speaking in front of an audience of 50-plus.

“There will be times in all our lives when we will be down,” Hislop said. The key to making it beyond those moments of doubt and despair is to think “What can I do to help?,” and focusing on others rather than the self, he said.

His wisdom struck home for at least one young listener.

“Next year I won’t be able to come out and run with the [cross-country] team, and I’ll probably go through a pit,” graduating Cody senior Allen Hart said after getting a copy of “On Track” signed by the author.

“It was cool to hear different stories of different athletes going out and doing their best – I can’t wait to read the book,” Hart continued.