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Space Colonization Update

Manor non-technical hurdles to space colonization


Jessica Stillman,, 11-3-17, 3 Big (Non-Technical Reasons Elon Musk’s Mars Colonization Might Not Fail,

If you want a thought-provoking peek at possible near futures, you could read a sci-fi book. Or you could just have a read through Elon Musk’s recently released plan for establishing a colony of a million people on Mars. The entirety of Musk’s September talk on SpaceX’s plans to get the Mars colonization ball rolling in the next decade (transcribed by an energetic Redditor) was recently published online. In it, space nerds of all stripes will find a ton of engineering to marvel at, including a 35-story space vehicle (and even the prospect the intercontinental rockets that could get you from London to New York in under a half an hour), as well as plenty of discussion of the many technical challenges to realize this dream. But according to Andrew Maynard, the director of the Risk Innovation Lab at Arizona State University, what you won’t find in the document is any information about some of the most likely reasons the awe-inspiring project might fail. While Musk is busy building rockets, he’s not addressing one of the most significant hurdles facing any

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