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Resolved: The United Nations should grant India permanent membership on the Security Council. (Bibliography)

Resolved: The United Nations should grant India permanent membership on the Security Council. (Bibliography)

India Security Council Daily Updates PLUS Evidence Release

Answering the Peacekeeping Good Advantage

Background — United Nations

What is the Security Council?


Background — UNSC Reform

Towards Democratic Reform of the Security Council

Member states call for expanding the Security Council, eliminating the veto

Background — Indian on the UNSC

India’s tough road to the UNSC

Pennachio calls for India to have a role on the UNSC

India’s aspirations for permanent membership

India’s application for a permanent bid explained

India’s pursuit of UNSC reforms

A second class seat on the Security Council: Is this What India wants?

India Does not deserve to be on the Security Council

A changing UN might offer India a new role

Is the Security Council is so flawed, why does everyone want a seat?

Long overdue — adding members to the UNSC

Security Council reform and the G20 

Con — General

Security Council Expansion: Can’t and Shouldn’t

Leading the disenfranchised or joining the establishment: India, Brazil , and the UN Security Council

Why India should seek abolition of the permanent veto rather than permanent UN membership

India’s infatuation with the Security Council

The UN Security Council veto is literally killing people

Army lacks funds for critical weapons

India continues to rank among the most corrupt countries in the world

Why GDP growth can be slower than government data shows

Pakistan aside, the Modi government faces a battle on the economic front too

India’s 6.6% GDP growth may be even slower than expected 

The United Nations Security Council: The Illusion of Reform 

Con — International leadership

India’s struggle to become a global power 

India’s UNSC obsession its biggest mistake

Why the Indian army is too weak to fight a two front war 

Con — Peacekeeping Bad

Enough is enough: India needs to leave behind its UN obsession 

Give war a chance

An evaluation of the causes and consequences of UN peacekeeping 

United Nations peacekeeping flaws and abuses 

UN Peacekeepers’ sexual assault problem 

The UN has a problem: It’s not just gender violence 

Statement regarding sexual exploitation by UN peacekeepers 

Criminalizing sexual exploitation and abuse by peacekeepers 

Con — Multilateralism Answers

Multilateralism in a free fall

Multilateralisms life cycle 

Con — Democracy Answers

Is India still the world’s largest democracy?

Why India avoids alliances 

India events 2018 

India at 70: Democracy in action 

The paradoxes of American democracy promotion 

India Peacekeeping

India eyes a larger role for peacekeeping

The future of Indian peacekeeping

India and the future of UN peacekeeping in Africa