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The Saudi Arms Sales Case: The Affirmative

If you have not yet read the Introductory essay, please do so, as this essay assumes you have that knowledge.

Introduction & Advantages

The basic Saudi Arabia case argues for reducing arms sales to Saudi Arabia.


There are a number of potential advantages, but the most common advantage is argues that if the US restricts arms sales to Saudi Arabia that the Saudis will no longer be able to fight the war there.

Reise Ehrlich, February 21, 2019, How the war in Yemen could end — in a matter of days

US arms manufacturers such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin supply 57 percent of the military aircraft used by the Royal Saudi Air Force. The U.S. corporations hire hundreds of US civilian mechanics and technicians to repair, maintain and fuel fighter jets and helicopters. The Arms Export Control Act requires Saudi Arabia to use the military equipment for legitimate self defense. Saudi Arabia’s consistent pattern of disproportionate attacks on civilians belies any cl

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