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DebateUS! Supports China NSDA’s Summer Camp

DebateUS! Supports China NSDA’s Summer Camp

We had a great time working with the National Speech & Debate Association of China on their first summer camp, which attracted 125 students from all around China.

DebateUS! instructor Dr. Michael Hester directed the camp and supported the entire staff.  Natalie Bennie coached a Public Forum lab and Dr. Rachel Williams ran the Public Speaking course.

It was great to see Ryan Wang, one of the very first NSDA China students. Ryan recently graduated from Cal Berkeley and will be entering a grad program at the University of Chicago in the fall.

Dr. Michael Hester, DebatUS! Instructor and Camp Director, kicks off the camp.


DebateUS! Founder Stefan Bauschard and former Nanjing Foreign Language School student, one of the original NSDA China members and now a graduate of UC Berkeley, prepare for a demonstration debate. Ryan will attend a graduate program at the University of Chicago in the fall.


Students learn about the separation of powers in the US from a former China nSDA debater.


Students learn the components of an argument

DebateUS! instructor works with students learning Public Forum.
Students participate in a demonstration debate for their peers.
DebatUS! instructor Dr. Rachel Williams leads a public speaking session.


Dr. Hester enjoys lunch with the students.