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Instructions for adding multiple users to your account

Coaches  can now add users to their accounts on their own.

Instructions for doing so — 

(1) Purchase a multi user account.  Coaches/team leaders can purchase multi user accounts that allow them to add students and assistant coaches as users.  These subscriptions start at $239 and additional users can be purchased in bulk or individually by adding a certain number of additional users. If users purchase wish to add a certain number of users, they can do so for $10/user by emailing,  as long as they have purchased the $239 Master coach subscription.

(2) Have your debaters register an account at and collect their emails.

(3) Log on to your coach account.

Under  PROFILE at the top, click COACH DASHBOARD.

You will then see a screen that gives you a lot of options.  All that you need to enter is the email address of the debater who registered on the website.  where it says “Member email.”  You do not need to enter the rest of the information.

Click “Disable the group invite email and automatically add this user to the group.” Then simply click the Add Member button.

The user will now appear under the Members tab.

These members will now have access to the subscription level your purchased, as long as you have purchased enough bulk  memberships tp provide them with access.



If the user has not yet registered, you can add them by filling in the rest of the information, including their email, but you may need to put them back in under the “Add Member” screen (only adding their email this time) if the permission doesn’t synch.

Similarly, if you have a .csv sheet of email addresses, you can import that list of emails.  Permissions may set properly on import, but if they do not, simply just type the email addresses in. Students can reset to get their own passwords.


If we have activated your students over the summer while waiting for this system to work, we strongly encourage you to also add your students in this way by their email . We have some new features coming soon that will allow you to monitor the progress of your students (as they watch lectures, take quizzes, and earn DebateUS! rewards) and these will only work if they are connected to your account.

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