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Resolved: The benefits of genetically modified food outweigh the risks (Texas UIL LD) CON Pt 1


In order to win that the harms of GM foods (GMF) outweigh the benefits, Con teams will need to be able to win that GMOs are not advantageous (or at least minimize the advantages) and still win that the harms of GM foods outweigh the benefits.

This essay will be divided into three parts. In the first part, I will discuss how to answer the arguments in favor of GMF. In the second part, I will discuss the disadvantages of GM foods. In the third part, I will make some suggestions for some comparative arguments as to why GMF are net undesirable.

Answering The Benefits of Genetically Modified Foods

Increased food production

The first (and primary) benefit of GMF is that they will increase food production, enabling many who do not have access to food now, plus that billions of additional people that will be born, to eat.

There are many good answers to this argument.

One, many of the GM crops that are produced are targeted for the commercial markets and aren’t utilized for the staple crops that the poor rely on.

Furniss 06 – Sub-editor and writer for GEOGRAPHICAL, the magazine of the Royal Geographical Society [Charlie Furniss, “The New GM Revolution,” Geographical dossier, July 2006]

One of the main criticisms of GM crops is that they haven’t been developed to tackle the needs of the poor directly. And in this respect, the environmental grou

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