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US Global Leadership: Credibility and Commitments Destroyed — 9 new cards

A common generic negative argument this concerns the importance of arms sales to allied assurances and US credibility. This post contains 9 post-camp, recent cards that challenge the uniqueness of that narrative.

US leadership has been gutted and it is not seen as a reliable partner

Westad, September-October 2019, ODD ARNE WESTAD is Elihu Professor of History and Global Affairs at Yale University and the author of The Cold War: A World History., Foreign Affairs, The Sources of Chinese Conduct,

The U.S. domestic situation also looks very different from the way it did at the beginning of the Cold War. There were divisions among voters and conflicts between parts of the government back then, but there was nothing compared to the polarization and gridlock that characterize American politics today. Now, the United States seems to have lost its way at home and abroad. Under the Trump administration, the country’s overall standing in the world has never been lower, and even close allies no longer view Washington as a reliable partner. Since well before the presidency of Donald Trump, U.S. foreign policy elites have been lamenting the decline of any consensus on foreign affairs, but they have proved incapable of restoring it. Now, the rest of the world questions the United S

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