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Should the US buy Greenland?

Should the US buy Greenland?

Background Trump is thinking of buying a giant socialist island (2019). President Donald Trump is interested in buying Greenland, The Wall Street Journal reports. “In meetings, at dinners and in passing conversations, Mr. Trump has asked advisers whether the U.S. can acquire Greenland,” the paper says. And while one source speculated to the Journal that the president might be making a kind of joke—“Since Mr. Trump hadn’t floated the idea at a campaign


When in conflict, a nation’s self-interest should outweigh its international commitments to migrants (IPPF)

Lecture General News  UN Migrants and Refugees The Refugee Brief Refugee-Migrants Emergency Europe Migrant News @ AL Jazeera July 30 Ethnic networks help local refugees integrate into the host country economies How many refugees are there are where are they? Excellent intro article. Refugee terms  July 29 Refugee policy must be changed . This article argues for restricting the number of refugees the US accepts. Somali refugees arrested on terrorism

What does it Mean for the EU to “Join” the BRI?

One thing that debaters will struggle with is what it means for the EU to join the BRI. The reason is that there is no concrete answer to this question. First, remember that the BRI is just a concept, it is not a legal document. If an entity joins a trade agreement, there is a trade agreement to sign. The trade agreement identifies specific obligations that both sides agree to.

Instructions for adding multiple users to your account

Coaches  can now add users to their accounts on their own. Instructions for doing so —  (1) Purchase a multi user account.  Coaches/team leaders can purchase multi user accounts that allow them to add students and assistant coaches as users.  These subscriptions start at $239 and additional users can be purchased in bulk or individually by adding a certain number of additional users. If users purchase wish to add a

PF Power Points for Coaches/Teachers

We’ve added 15 new Power Points that coaches/teachers can use and modify as they wish for teaching students Public Forum debate. The Power Points are synched to our Teachers’ Guide and textbook, using the school uniforms topic, but they can be easily modified for other topics. They are accessible to subscribers from our main PF home page.