The core skills of a successful debater

Over the next 10 days debaters from the Lakeland Central School District debate team will compete in a debate tournament in Hangzhou, China and engage in demonstration debates in Nanjing and Shanghai. To prepare for these debates, particularly the demonstration debates, I asked the coach of the Nanjing Foreign Language School, Thom O’Rourke, for a list of skills he’d like us to demonstrate. Thom, the coach of last year’s China

Behind the Scenes of a Debate Tournament

By: Priten Shah >>>Check out other posts by Priten. Throughout the year, competitive debaters attend on average 7-8 tournaments, some attending as many as 15-20. They are likely to help host zero to one. This creates a substantial gap in knowledge of the time and effort that goes into allowing the debate community to thrive. As a student, seeing the “other side” of things is vital to appreciation of the