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Developing International Speech and Debate Learning Opportunities for US Students

Developing International Speech and Debate Learning Opportunities for US Students

During my senior of high school (1988-9), the school that I debated at and graduated from hosted one foreign exchange student from South Africa. Today, the same school hosts many students from all over the world, including more than 60 from China. At least two schools with nationally competitive debate programs, American Heritage High School (FL) and Woodward Academy (GA), host Chinese students from abroad, and students from China have competed

Behind the Scenes of a Debate Tournament

By: Priten Shah >>>Check out other posts by Priten. Throughout the year, competitive debaters attend on average 7-8 tournaments, some attending as many as 15-20. They are likely to help host zero to one. This creates a substantial gap in knowledge of the time and effort that goes into allowing the debate community to thrive. As a student, seeing the “other side” of things is vital to appreciation of the

Lakeland District Debate Shines at New York State Tournament

This past weekend, the Lakeland District debate team competed in the New York State Debate Coaches Association State debate tournament that was held at Horace Mann High School.  The weather forced us into one day of competition, but the tournament ran and the team succeeded. James Allen (L) & Akshay Ramaswamy (L) finished as the Junior Varsity State Champions. James Allen was the 3rd best individual JV speaker in the

Lakeland District Debate Competes at Korean National Championship

This past weekend, the Lakeland District debate team, represented by Priten Shah and Mihir Paradkar, participated in the Korean National Championship tournament in Seoul, South Korea.  The tournament was hosted by the National Forensic League of Korea (NFLK), which is an affiliate of the National Forensic League of the United States (NFL). As part of the finals competition, the debaters performed two exhibition debates in Memorial Hall at the Korean

My remarks at the Korea Winter Cup (January 2013)

I’m honored to have been invited here today to see these incredible students compete for the Korean National Forensic League national championships.  I really enjoyed watching and judging the competition here today. In the US, I wear many debate hats.  I am a debate coach for the Lakeland School District in New York, where I coach more than 50 high school debaters.  This year, the Lakeland District team has already