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Emporia Wins CEDA & NDT!

Emporia Wins CEDA & NDT!

From BND EMPORIA, KAN. — For anyone who was there, or watching the video online, it sure looked like Ryan Wash was in full grip of his moment in history. The graduate of Kansas City’s Central High School had six minutes left in a two-hour debate to help his Emporia State University debate team do what had never been done before. Two black men, bringing a fiercely personal style honed in


78 Teams Qualified to the National Debate Tournament

Team District Emory PS 6 Emporia State SW 3 Georgetown AM 7 Harvard BS 8 Harvard DT 8 Mary Washington MM 7 Michigan AP 5 Michigan DH 5 Michigan State HR 5 Minnesota CE 4 Northwestern LV 5 Oklahoma CL 3 Oklahoma LM 3 Wake Forest BM 6 Wake Forest LM 6 West Georgia DF 6 USC PS 1 California-Berkeley PS-L 1 CSU-Fullerton MS 1 Arizona State RV 1 CSU-Fullerton