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NFL Teams with Citizen Schools to Spread Speech & Debate


NFL Teams with Citizen Schools to Spread Speech & Debate

If you participated in debate in high school or college, you already know that debate education gives kids many of the skills they need to succeed in college and beyond. As alums, our debate backgrounds continue to influence the way we see the world and approach complex problems long after we leave the classroom. Today, we’re asking if you can spare 90 minutes a week for 10 weeks later this school year to share

My remarks at the Korea Winter Cup (January 2013)

I’m honored to have been invited here today to see these incredible students compete for the Korean National Forensic League national championships.  I really enjoyed watching and judging the competition here today. In the US, I wear many debate hats.  I am a debate coach for the Lakeland School District in New York, where I coach more than 50 high school debaters.  This year, the Lakeland District team has already