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Adam from Ningbo Reflects on China NSDA Participation

Adam from Ningbo Reflects on China NSDA Participation

Adam from Ningbo Reflects on China NSDA Participation

辩手说 | 王卞渊Adam:“辩论不是一次短跑,而是一场马拉松。” 2017-08-18 王卞渊Adam 宁波英锐教育 本次为大家带来经验分享的辩手是来自宁波效实中学的王卞渊Adam同学。在刚结束的第五届全国中学生学术辩论与演讲联赛总决赛中,Adam和搭档获得高中组48强。关于辩论学习和比赛,他有自己的经历和感受,希望下文能对你有所帮助和启发。  Some people may tell you that debate is all about hard work and preparation. I somewhat agree but I can assure you that understanding the resolution intuitively is the key. Coach Cale and Serena could explain and demonstrate the resolution clearly and help us grasp the essential part with their own words: “Debate isnot a sprint, it is a marathon.”  When I first got

Public Forum Debate Grows in China

  I had the opportunity to spend the last ten days participating in Public Forum format debates in China with two current members of the Lakeland District Debate team and one recent graduate.  We participated in tournaments organized by the National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA) of China and Dipont Education Management.  In all, we competed in one tournament in Hangzhou, engaged in demo debates in Nanjing & Shanghai, and

Lakeland District Debate Competes in China: Days 7-8: Shanghai

Lakeland District Debate Competes in China: Days 7-8: Shanghai

Our time in Shanghai culminated in some great sightseeing and we took this picture from “The Bund” across the Yantzghe river and pointing toward the financial district of Shanghai. Before touring, however, we started our time in Shanghai at the Associated School of Fudan University. We began that visit with a great lunch in the school cafeteria. They had a plan for us to talk with the students about high

Lakeland District Debate Competes in China: Days 5-6: Nanjing

We spent April 15 & 16th in Nanjing, China where we engaged in some demo debates and sight seeing. Our first two demo debates were at Nanjing Foreign Languages School (NFLS).  NFLS, coached by Thom O’Rourke, is widely regarded as one of the top three schools in all of China. In the first debate, Humza & Jatin faced off against Priten and Ryan Wang, last year’s quarterfinalist in the China

Lakeland District Debate Competes in China: Days 3-4: Zheijang Tournament

[Related: Lakeland District Debate arrives in Hangzhou] On April 11, 2014, the Lakeland District Debate Team began the Zhejiang Regional Tournament in Hangzhou on the topic of whether China should prioritize reductions in income inequality over economic growth.  One hundred and thirty three teams from Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Ningbo competed in the tournament. Like the Chinese teams, we were given our code for the pairings. And the debaters were welcomed

Lakeland District Debate Competes in China: Days 1-2

Over the next ten days, Lakeland District Debaters Humza Tahir and Jatin Bharwani, as well as coaches Priten Shah and Stefan Bauschard, will be traveling in China to compete for the first time. April 10 We arrived in Shanghai mid-afternoon on April 10th and enjoyed a great “hot pot” Chinese meal where we had the opportunity to have some boiled staples — shrimp, tofu, vegetables, chicken, and lamb — as

Debate in China–A New Experience, A New Triumph

Amand Luo, Dipont Education Management, Debate Program COO Jeff likes to recall the story about his first visit in early 2012 to Montgomery Bell Academy, an all male high school located in Nashville, Tennessee. A high school debate tournament was being held at the prestigious academy. As a VP of Dipont Education, Jeff was in charge of laying the groundwork for the first officially sanctioned and internationally recognized debate program in China.

China’s interest in US universities

In preparing for my Doha conference presentation, I found a number of freely available articles on China’s interest in U.S. universities and Western educational methods. Admissions to US-Universities Why the Chinese are flocking to US colleges. Number of International Students Attending US Colleges and Universities Continues Rising Testing in China and India Can US universities stay on top?