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Debate program fires up urban youth

Debate program fires up urban youth

Dallas Morning News, June 15, 2012 Jazielle Yugalde’s parents always knew she had a mouth on her. “I would never shut up,” said the 15-year-old, who will be a sophomore at Oak Cliff’s Sunset High School next year. But she hadn’t found anywhere to direct her talkativeness until last year, when she joined the school’s budding debate team, brought to life with the help of the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance.

ESU Debaters’ Urban Style Helps Win 2 National Titles

The Associated Press State & Local Wire, April 4, 2013 For anyone who was there, or watching the video online, it sure looked like Ryan Wash was in full grip of his moment in history. The graduate of Kansas City’s Central High School had six minutes left in a two-hour debate to help his Emporia State University debate team do what had never been done before. Two black men, bringing

Japan’s Diverse Debating Styles

By Edmund Zagorin Japan has a long tradition of Western-style policy debates stretching back to postwar debate exchanges with the US, organized by the National Communication Association. Since 1969, there have been 33 US-Japan Debate exchanges organized through the Committee on International Discussion and Debate. With the advent of “spreading” in the 1970s, US policy debate became increasingly alienated from both spectators and international competitors who preferred more audience-friendly formats

Behind the Scenes of a Debate Tournament

By: Priten Shah >>>Check out other posts by Priten. Throughout the year, competitive debaters attend on average 7-8 tournaments, some attending as many as 15-20. They are likely to help host zero to one. This creates a substantial gap in knowledge of the time and effort that goes into allowing the debate community to thrive. As a student, seeing the “other side” of things is vital to appreciation of the

Meeting in Hungary Plans Local Debate Cooperation Efforts

From Global Debate Blog – Long time debate supporter Maja Nenadovic held a meeting so that Hungarian debate organizers could discuss issues of mutual interest and create networks for the future expansion of debating in Hungary and the region. Hungary is experiencing challenges in debate expansion because of serious cuts in schools and universities as well as reactionary political developments. Those attending the meeting were: Alfred Snider, LDU & World

Idaho State University Debate Team finishes first at regional championship and qualifies for the National Debate Tournament; ISU prepares to host CEDA National Tournament

Idaho State University debaters Roger Copenhaver and Matea Ivanovic went undefeated and won first place at the Northwest District Tournament in Walla Walla, Wash., earning a trip to the National Debate Tournament, which determines intercollegiate debate champions each year. Matea Ivanovic and Roger Copenhaver finished first at the district debate tournament in Walla Walla, Wash., and qualified for the National Debate Tournament Copenhaver, of Seattle, and Ivanovic, of Boise, won

Two KU Debate team members qualify for National Debate Tournament

Kansan Melanie Campbell, senior, and Amanda Gress, sophomore, have qualified to compete at the National Debate Tournament in Ogden, Utah, March 28 to April 2. This is the 46th consecutive year that the University of Kansas will be represented at the tournament. Campbell and Gress won five of six debates at the Midwest region qualifying tournament held Feb. 22-24. This is the second year they have qualified for the national

While we fear decline, other countries work to model US educational practices

I left the Americas for the first time in December 2011 to explore the possibility of developing debate in China and to recruit students for the Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops. Since then, academic debate really has taken off in China, and I have learned that it is flourishing all over the world. In a short thirteen months, I have visited China three times, Korea six times, and Qatar once