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September-October PF Topic Area Released — China — Resources Available Now!

The African Union should officially recognize Somaliland’s independence.

General international Recognition of Somaliland (2018) African Union: Currently, there have been attempts by the African Union to provide stability within the State of Somalia without fully giving complete independent recognition to Somaliland. The policy of the AU to hold to colonial boards has been a common policy. Furthermore, the instability that could continue in the region if Somaliland would be allowed to succeed from Somaliland completely concerns the AU

On balance, the economic development benefits of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement outweigh the harms.

General Keys to Successful AfCTA negotiations explained (2019) As of April 29, 2019, 22 countries have deposited their instruments of ratification of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement[1] to the African Union (AU), meeting the threshold for the agreement to come into effect. The AfCFTA entered into force on May 30, 2019.[2] The significance of the AfCFTA cannot be overstated: It will be the world’s largest free trade

Comments on the 2019-20 PF Resolutions and Linked Resources (Bibs and Ev)

Comments on the 2019-20 PF Resolutions and Linked Resources (Bibs and Ev)

Quick notes (1) These are my thoughts on the working PF resolutions.  For the most part, many of these are pretty good resolutions. A few need important changes. (2) I strongly encourage you to download our PF app by searching, “DebateUS” in the Apple and Google Play stores.  The app will give you notifications of topic updates, topic arguments, and any other content. You can watch videos, read a textbook,

The United States should substantially increase its production of nuclear power plants.

Nuclear power basics and Pro/Con outline *PF Bibliography Internet Research Background How nuclear power works (2019) General Nuclear power pros and cons (2019) Congressional Research Service. Advanced Nuclear Reactors: Technology Overview and Current Issues (2019) Congressional Research Service (2018). Nuclear Energy: Overview of Congressional Issues. The future of nuclear power is smaller, cheaper, safer (2019) Pro — Websites World Nuclear Association Pro — Articles Nuclear Power in a clean energy system (2019). With

Universal Basic Income and Gender

One important area for debaters to explore on the universal basic income topic is the relationship between UBI and the promotion of gender equality. There are a number of reasons a UBI could promoted gender equality. First, UBI enables women to leave abusive relationships, because they will have income to rely on if they need to leave. Amelia Womack is deputy leader of the Green Party, March 17, 2018,   How

Site and App-Wide Subscription Sale – $100 all 7 apps and website for an entire year

Site and App-Wide Subscription Sale – $100 all 7 apps and website for an entire year

To celebrate NSDA nationals and the release of our apps we are running a sale during NSDA nationals. Users can purchase sit-wide subscription to, which gives access to our entire site and all our apps (Public Forum, Policy, Congress (available now)), Extemp, L-D (available next week)), and Public Speaking/Argumentation (available July), Coach (available August). The earlier you purchase, the cheaper it is! Sunday/Monday — $100 Tuesday–$125 Wednesday–$150 Thursday–$175 Friday–$200 If you