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Social Change and Academic Gain: Debate in the Neighborhood and Competitive Debate


Social Change and Academic Gain: Debate in the Neighborhood and Competitive Debate

I recently (May 9-10, 2014) had the opportunity to attend the Debate in the Neighborhood exchange conference in Amsterdam that was sponsored by IDEA Netherlands. The conference was attended by more than 100 people from throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. It was a great opportunity to meet people who are interested in debate and using it for the purpose of accomplishing social change. Lessons from the


The Power of Debateā€”Building the Five “C’s” for the 21st Century

Remarks of Secretary Arne Duncan to the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues 2012 Annual Dinner APRIL 12, 2012 Speech I am delighted to be here tonight because the value of debate teams is both so great and yet so under-recognized. In America, education is the great equalizer. And in our urban high schools, competitive debate is one of the great equalizers of educational opportunity. Urban debate leagues help ensure

Jerzy Bayer on Learning Languages and Debate Training

From Tuna Snider’s Global Debating Blog Jerzy Bayer is the ambassador ofĀ PolandĀ to Thailand. He is an amazing world citizen and speaks many different languages. He delivered a talk to debte trainers and language teachers inĀ Bangkok, ThailandĀ that I attended. With his permission I did adigital audioĀ recoding of the session and here it is. Thanks to Piyahart Faktangporn of Thailand for organizing this event. Very interesting and thought provoking. Here is theĀ MP3

Debate program fires up urban youth

Dallas Morning News, June 15, 2012 Jazielle Yugalde’s parents always knew she had a mouth on her. “I would never shut up,” said the 15-year-old, who will be a sophomore at Oak Cliff’s Sunset High School next year. But she hadn’t found anywhere to direct her talkativeness until last year, when she joined the school’s budding debate team, brought to life with the help of the Dallas Urban Debate Alliance.

Too young to debate? That’s debatable Huff Elementary School holds uncommon tournament

From MountainView Voice It’s been getting harder for the parents of some Huff Elementary School parents to pull the “Because I told you so” card on their children, and there is one man to blame for that. Brier Buchalter, a teacher with the Gifted and Talented Education program at Huff, has been encouraging students of his speech and debate class to be contrary in his speech and debate class, and

The power of middle school debate

Published in the Examiner Middle school is a challenging time. It is a time of intense, yet often confusing feelings. Children are eager to grow up, but no one is letting them. They yearn to be cared for, yet scream that they can do it by themselves. Parents are often at a loss, not knowing how to let go and still protect. Every day is a challenge! There are daily

Students Benefit from Skills Learned in Debate

This was originally published in the Reno Gazette Journal in 2009. _ Debate is an extracurricular school activity that could take as much time as an academic subject, but some Reno High School students said it’s expanded their minds and helped make their classes and assignments easier. “Before I entered debate, I was all over the place, and it helped organize my thoughts and the way I do things,” said

Daniel Tartakovsky: Debate in College Admissions and Personal Development

Ā Daniel Tartakovsky is a senior at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School in Southern California.. He won the 2012 Harvard Debate Tournament and will debate for Harvard College as an undergraduate.   Iā€™ve always loved to argue. At five years old, Iā€™d ask my parents why, why, why without surrender: I was the mastermind of what my parents dubbed ā€œThe Inquisition.ā€ In eighth grade (and to my parentsā€™ dismay), I joined