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Principal Jason Kline on the Benefits of Debate (Video)


The Soft Skills That Matter Most For Millennials In The Workplace — Forbes

Kate Hayes @ Forbes, September 5, 2017 Soft skills are having a moment. There are countless articles, conferences, and trainings touting the importance of soft skills for success in the workplace. We no longer live in a world where technical skills are the most important factor for success in most jobs. Instead, soft skills—often defined as personal attributes required to work well with others—are at the forefront. While we know

What have speech & debate alum accomplished in August 2017?

Sanket Bulsara was appointed as a federal judge in Brooklyn. John Warden published, “Want to avoid nuclear war? Reject mutual vulnerability with North Korea.” Daveed Gartenstein-Ross published a number of articles,  including  Save the Terrorism prevention toolkit, Adam Symonds added a free novice lecture series as part of the Arizona Debate Institute. Mike Davis was recently named Executive Advisor to the President of James Madison University. Know someone who deserves a shoutout?


Adam from Ningbo Reflects on China NSDA Participation

辩手说 | 王卞渊Adam:“辩论不是一次短跑,而是一场马拉松。” 2017-08-18 王卞渊Adam 宁波英锐教育 本次为大家带来经验分享的辩手是来自宁波效实中学的王卞渊Adam同学。在刚结束的第五届全国中学生学术辩论与演讲联赛总决赛中,Adam和搭档获得高中组48强。关于辩论学习和比赛,他有自己的经历和感受,希望下文能对你有所帮助和启发。  Some people may tell you that debate is all about hard work and preparation. I somewhat agree but I can assure you that understanding the resolution intuitively is the key. Coach Cale and Serena could explain and demonstrate the resolution clearly and help us grasp the essential part with their own words: “Debate isnot a sprint, it is a marathon.”  When I first got


The Power of Debate — Testimonials

From a Facebook discussion… C Crenshaw Request for Debate Friends: Can you please help me? Please write a brief one or two sentence comment about why debate matters. Please also put down whatever you consider your “occupation” to be and give me permission to quote you. Angi Horn Stalnaker Debate gave a girl from a small town the opportunity to travel across the country, meet people from different cultures and backgrounds,


Debate skills help company grow

Bruce Rogers, August 8, 2017, Forbes While harmony is key, dissent is highly valued. Debate is encouraged and the company prides itself on being open to a multitude of opinions, respecting them all, and being able to resolve different issues, down to one resolution, and then have everybody get behind it.  After all, the company was founded by debaters, not scientists. Calkins, and two of Appian’s co-founders graduated from Dartmouth,


How Debate Helped Me in College Admissions — Simone Silvan

For most people, the college process is daunting. For debaters, the notion of sending in standardized test scores, the personal statement, and writing an abundance of supplements while transitioning back into the season may seem impossible. As per usual, however, skills gathered from debate can help on a variety of levels. First and foremost, writing. Similar to writing constructives, college applications ask students to speak volumes with limited space. Unlike


Urban Debate Programs highlight a better way to learn

US News & World Report, May 24, 2017 In a small classroom, Keoni Scott-Reid provided his opening statement. Scott-Reid had been assigned to argue against mass surveillance programs in an Urban Debate League tournament in Washington, D.C., and standing in the front of the room, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, he spoke in rat-tat-tat bursts like a teenage cattle auctioneer. Scott-Reid argued that mass surveillance programs operated on a slippery


Why Teachers Should Add Debate to Their Curriculum

Mr. Jake Miller teaches 7th grade American history teacher near Harrisburg, PA. When bringing debate to the classroom, make sure that you teach students the following: Disagree with ideas and not people. Decorum is a crucial component of debate. Far too many TV talking heads needs this lesson. Have students state the positives of their argument first. Then have students attack one position at a time. It’ll be easier for