SATURDAY , JULY 20 , 2019
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Marie Dzuris — Reflections on My Coaching Carreer

Marie Dzuris [A graduate of the University of Kentucky, Marie Dzuris has been involved in speech and debate for over 40 years, both as a competitor and a coach.  She debated and participated in individual speech events in both high school and college. Marie spent most of my career teaching and coaching in high school at Centerville High School in Ohio, where she coached both Policy and Public Forum debate,


Politics Belong in the High School Debate Club — Stefan Bauschard @ Education Week

As a high school debater in the 1980s, I fondly remember debating the major controversies of the day. Should the U.S. government act to improve the quality of the nation’s water? How could the United States reduce the spread of Russian influence in Latin America? What policies could prevent Social Security from falling into bankruptcy? Since the issues we argued took the form of debate resolutions at tournaments, I didn’t