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(PRO): Human Rights Answers

(PRO): Human Rights Answers

No internal link evidence – Even if Europe joining would reduce human rights pressure, there is no evidence that human rights pressure will work Non-unique: China is violating human rights now despite the EU not joining. European Commission and HR/VP contribution to the European Council, March 9, 2019, EU-China: A Strategic Outlook The ability of EU and China to engage effectively on human rights will be an important measure


Does the BRI Include Digital Infrastructure/5G?

*BRI Includes Internet/5G Digital Silk Road is integrated DW, April 26 2019,, Belt and Road Forum: Will China’s ‘digital Silk Road’ lead to an authoritarian future? In May 2017, at the first Belt and Road International Forum, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that big data would be integrated into the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to create the “digital Silk Road of the 21st century.” BRI includes 5G to