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Should the US buy Greenland?

Should the US buy Greenland?

Background Trump is thinking of buying a giant socialist island (2019). President Donald Trump is interested in buying Greenland, The Wall Street Journal reports. “In meetings, at dinners and in passing conversations, Mr. Trump has asked advisers whether the U.S. can acquire Greenland,” the paper says. And while one source speculated to the Journal that the president might be making a kind of joke—“Since Mr. Trump hadn’t floated the idea at a campaign

Is trade protectionism desirable?

Background Douglas Brown & Chad Irwin, September-October, 2018, Trump’s assault on the global trading system. Donald Trump has been true to his word. After excoriating free trade while campaigning for the U.S. presidency, he has made economic nationalism a centerpiece of his agenda in office. His administration has pulled out of some trade deals, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and renegotiated others, including the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Is white nationalism a threat?

Possible Extemp Questions Is white nationalism a threat? What can the US do to reduce the risks of white nationalism? Should white nationalism be considered terrorism? The fight against white nationalism is different (2019). Attacks such as the one in El Paso mirror the sort of ISIS attack that became more common as its caliphate deteriorated. Whereas ISIS operatives once planned and coordinated attacks such as those in Paris in 2015 and Brussels in

Gun Control — Should Assault Weapons Be Banned?

Yes Stop the slaughter of our children with these weapons of war (2019). I spent my entire professional life taking up arms in defense of our country, serving in wars from Vietnam to Afghanistan, and ending my service as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. During the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan I saw how our ground forces and special forces sought to improve the precision and lethality of

Foreign Policy Dictionary

Foreign Policy Dictionary Alliance – a group of two or more countries that agree to work together, supporting each other both economically, militarily, and diplomatically, in order to create a world centered on shared values Appeasement – a foreign policy approach which seeks to avoid antagonizing threatening countries rather than confronting them Arms Race – a competition among two or more countries to expand and improve their militaries the fastest;

Will the collapse of the INF treaty lead to a new arms race between the U.S. and Russia?

What the INF’s Treaty’s collapse means for nuclear proliferation (2019).  On Friday, the United States is set to withdraw from a Cold War–era agreement, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, that banned Washington and Moscow from using certain types of missiles. The end of the treaty could spark a new nuclear arms race. What’s in the treaty? These weapons systems are considered particularly destabilizing because the missiles can reach their

Will India and Pakistan go to war?

General India and Pakistan: Two nations always on the brink of war 20 years later, India-Pakistan remain tense over Kashmir Here’s what it’s like on the border between India and Pakistan  Yes How India plans to win a war against China or Pakistan No What happened 20 years ago over Kargil and why it’s unlikely to happen again (2019) Pakistan cannot fight a full-fledged war against India (2019) A major