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New York City Urban Debate League Programming Off the Charts!

New York City Urban Debate League Programming Off the Charts!

In ourĀ lastĀ edition we celebrated the incredible achievements of New York City’s Great Debaters at theĀ New York State Championshipswhere our debaters swept nearly every division and every award! Ā This weekend we celebrate theĀ New York City Debate Championships!Ā 100 of the top debaters from across the city will compete for the title of City Champion! Ā WhileĀ this will be our final NYC tournament of this school year – our top debaters will be competing

New York Senate Passes Resolution Honoring the New York City Urban Debate League!

Ā  Last week was another historic week for the New York City Debate League when the New York State Senate passed Senate Resolution 429 to recognize the achievements of the New York City Great Debaters! Ā Senator Rivera sponsored the legislation and it was unanimously passed by the State Senate with thunderous applause to recognize New York’s most award winning academic program! Ā This follows our recognition by the White House as

Achievement First Wins National Transportation Tournament in D.C.!

Taking this opportunity was a new experience to me because it is different unlike any other typical high school policy debate. This debate not only engaged me with new people that work in various aspects of the TRB, but it also helped me consider what I wanted to pursue in college and as a career. The amount of research on transportation policies and crucial issues drives me to be a

NY City Urban Debate League Featured on Fox 5 News NY

“In this room I’m sure there is a US President, is a Governor of New York, is a US Supreme Court Justice, is the next Steve Jobs, is the next Mozart. That’s the kind of brilliance and enthusiasm and passion that these kids are here today.” – – Fox Executive, Vincent Cordero, Executive of Fox Deportes “Here you have these 10, 12 year olds talking about Syria and the White