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Greetings! This month our Great Debaters were recognized with 4 different presidential honors! ¬†In fact, as we write we are on our way to Washington D.C! ¬†We also travel to Washington to¬†commemorate¬†the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech and March on Washington. ¬†Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was also a former debater in school and used his advocacy skills to change the world.

New York City Urban Debate Teams Dominate National Qualifiers and NY State Tournament

THE NEW YORK CITY GREAT DEBATERS¬† WEEKLY¬† “Be Great!¬†Be a Great Debater!” New York City’s Most Rigorous and¬† Award Winning Academic Program! STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS! SPECIAL EDITION! NYC GREAT DEBATERS¬†SWEEP¬† NEW YORK STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS! ¬† KIPP Academy’s Alon and Jenea 2013 State Championships, Semifinalists! Congratulations to all our New York City Great Debaters for sweeping the New York State Championships!!!!! ¬†(Click here for complete results!) ¬†Our teams won 1st Place at

Lakeland’s Westchester Classic Concludes

This past weekend, the Lakeland School District in New York hosted its annual debate tournament. This year, more than 355 students from 38 schools in 6 states competed in the event. Over the course of 29 ‚Äúawake‚ÄĚ hours between Friday at 2pm and Sunday at 1pm, the students participated in 578 individual debates that lasted between 45 and 90 minutes, delivered approximately 1400 speeches, and participated in more than 1200

NYC UDL Makes History

HISTORY AT HARVARD! BRONX BOROUGH PRESIDENT RECOGNIZES TOP NYC DEBATERS! Our NYC Great Debaters made history at the Harvard Invitational Tournament after defeating the top ranked debate team in the nation to reach the Semifinals of one of the nation’s toughest tournaments – and an invitation to the Tournament of Champions – the nation’s most prestigious debate tournament! ¬†For the first time in history, students from the South Bronx, Queens,

New York Dominates Harvard High School Policy Debate Tournament

On February 15-17, the Harvard Debate Council hosted the largest forensic invitational tournament in the world.  Four thousand fourteen contests from 356 schools from the US, China, and Korea competed in the three day event. Debate teams from the state of New York dominated in the policy debate event. Varsity Policy Debate 138 two-person teams from 53 schools representing 21 states competed in the varsity policy debate event.  Seven of