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Chicago Arabic program sends debate team to Qatar

Chicago Arabic program sends debate team to Qatar

Chicago Tribune News In a classroom on Chicago’s South Side, four students made final preparations this week to compete in a debate halfway around the world in a language they have studied for only a handful of years. The students from Lindblom Math and Science Academy in West Englewood will leave Thursday for Doha, Qatar, where they will do their best to make compelling arguments in Arabic to teams made

Debate: A powerful vehicle for cultural dialogue and exchange

By Todd Fine Published here In early January, with Qatar Foundation International’s support, I had the special opportunity to attend the “Fourth International Conference on Argumentation, Rhetoric, Debate, and the Pedagogy of Empowerment” in Doha, Qatar. As a long-time debate hand and current coach at Washington Latin Public Charter School in Washington, D.C., I am accustomed to debate coaches and scholarly forensics directors being unsung heroes of education, sacrificing long

While we fear decline, other countries work to model US educational practices

I left the Americas for the first time in December 2011 to explore the possibility of developing debate in China and to recruit students for the Harvard Debate Council Summer Workshops. Since then, academic debate really has taken off in China, and I have learned that it is flourishing all over the world. In a short thirteen months, I have visited China three times, Korea six times, and Qatar once