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When in conflict, a nation’s self-interest should outweigh its international commitments to migrants (IPPF)

Lecture General News  UN Migrants and Refugees The Refugee Brief Refugee-Migrants Emergency Europe Migrant News @ AL Jazeera July 30 Ethnic networks help local refugees integrate into the host country economies How many refugees are there are where are they? Excellent intro article. Refugee terms  July 29 Refugee policy must be changed . This article argues for restricting the number of refugees the US accepts. Somali refugees arrested on terrorism


Resolved: The benefits of genetically modified food outweigh the risks (Texas UIL LD)

With the agriculture industry’s increasing reliance on mutant seeds, which were used in 90 percent of American corn last year, counteracted by the recent passage of mandatory GMO-labeling laws in Vermont, Maine, and Connecticut (with Oregon and Colorado likely to follow suit), GMOs are on the tips of our tongues—and at the bottoms of American stomachs—like never before. As with most deeply polarizing subjects, the pros and cons are manifold (and


DebateUS! Online Coaching and Tutoring

DebateUS! provides online coaching and tutoring and speech and debate for individual students, student groups, schools, and debate training academies. We have tutored more than 200 students for more than 3,000 total hours in Canada, China, the United States, and Taiwan. We’ve also run training programs in the Dominican Republic and South Korea. The Global Academic Commons only hires the very best and most experienced instructors so that we can


Arms Sales Topic Bibliography, Evidence Files, Lectures

Full argument list and resources, including case/DA/CP specific bibliographies Daily Update . Taiwan Daily Update . BACKGROUND Topic Paper Topic paper by Dustin Rimmey  Yes, Trump can override Congress and Sell Arms to Saudi Arabia (2019).  This is an excellent explanation of the arms sales process. Backround — History Dwight Eisenhower’s Military Industrial Complex Speech (1961) Corporate Power and Profiteering (2015) Background (articles) — Process and Topicality Foreign Military Sales


Answering “America First”

Choosing to place “America First” at the expense of the global economic order and integration will wreck the US economically. US international engagement upholds the global oder that benefits the US Carla Norloff, January 2018, International Affairs, Hegemony and Inequality: Trump and the liberal playbook, p. 63-88 Carla Norrlof holds a political science and economics degree from Lund University, Sweden and a PhD in International Relations from the Graduate Institute