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Cyber Security Daily Update

Cyber Security Daily Update

Offensive cyber operations lock the US into permanent conflict Ellers, 10-23, 19, How America’s Cyber Strategy Could Create an International Crisis,, María Ellers is a US-Russia Relations Intern at the Center for the National Interest. The United States has adopted a new cyber warfare strategy focused on “persistent engagement” and “forward defense” in an attempt to thwart Chinese, Russian and other state-sponsored cyber attacks. While this unprecedented “defend forward”

Westfield-NYCUDL Girls RR

NYC Girls Inaugural Round Robin Debate Invitational from The New York City Debate League on Vimeo. The Westfield Debate Team and the New York City Urban Debate League are honored to invite all female identifying debaters to join us for a day of competitive debate in a supportive environment. We aim to provide exceptional judging and detailed feedback to all our participants as they prepare for November/December tournaments. This day

Yale Coverage

Chamber 1 Chamber 2 Chamber 3 Chamber 4 Chamber 5 TPP Amazon aid to stop cattle ranching Problems:  Everyone in the Amazon would immediately start cattle farming in order to get paid to stop doing it. Sustainable ag funding, only available to those tha…

(PRO): Human Rights Answers

No internal link evidence – Even if Europe joining would reduce human rights pressure, there is no evidence that human rights pressure will work Non-unique: China is violating human rights now despite the EU not joining. European Commission and HR/VP contribution to the European Council, March 9, 2019, EU-China: A Strategic Outlook The ability of EU and China to engage effectively on human rights will be an important measure

(Pro): Climate Change Answers

Their argument is morally reprehensible.  The Con has no alternative to development led by China and the BRI, so their argument is literally that people in the developing world should stay poor and suffer an early death in order to avoid a marginal increase in coal consumption relative to the developed world where wealthy people live in air conditioned spaces and jet set around the world.  There is a moral