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A2: Sex Trafficking

A2: Sex Trafficking

Turn – Poverty drives sex trafficking Erika Wright, 2019, Poverty and Its Contribution to Human Trafficking, Poverty is a compelling factor in the human trafficking industry. Human Trafficking occurs in every single country on the globe. It is a global epidemic driven by poverty. The most common countries to which victims are exported are in Western Europe, Western Africa, Asia, Arab Nations and North America. The highest destination countries

A2: Europe Joining Reduces China’s Investment in Africa

Africa doesn’t need China’s investment, it has Europe’s investment Garcia Herald, 7-22, 19,, What the data really says, and the implications for Europe That said, China’s investment in Africa is still at the early stages compared with that of key European countries that have a colonial past in Africa, especially France and the UK. Chart 4 shows that the FDI stocks sourced respectively from the UK and France into

Resolved: The benefits of the United States federal government’s use of offensive cyber operations outweigh the harms.

Table of Contents Definitions Three Types of Cyber Security (2019). There are different methods of protecting data. Therefore, Maryville University has devised three cyber security online degree tracks so that aspiring specialists can gain skills and knowledge applicable to the career they want to pursue. These paths are typically broken up as follows: Offensive Track: Deploys a proactive approach to security through the use of ethical hacking Defensive Track: Uses

US Global Leadership: Credibility and Commitments Destroyed — 9 new cards

A common generic negative argument this concerns the importance of arms sales to allied assurances and US credibility. This post contains 9 post-camp, recent cards that challenge the uniqueness of that narrative. US leadership has been gutted and it is not seen as a reliable partner Westad, September-October 2019, ODD ARNE WESTAD is Elihu Professor of History and Global Affairs at Yale University and the author of The Cold War:

To Consult or Not to Consult: On the Theoretical Legitimacy of the Consultation Counterplan

Early files from various camps around the country indicate that the consultation counterplan will be a significant issue on this year’s high school debate topic. Fears that the topic could be too large have led some to consider that in order for the negative to keep up with country specific and weapon specific affirmatives, arguments like the consultation counterplan will be necessary for the negative. This essay will argue against