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5 Proposed Policy Topics 2020-21

5 Proposed Policy Topics 2020-21

The final five topics going on the ballot for the 2020-2021 debate season are: Climate Change Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase market-based regulations requiring reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Criminal Justice Reform Resolved: The United States federal government should enact substantial criminal justice reform in the United States in one or more of the following: forensic science, policing, sentencing. Commercial Agriculture Resolved: The United States federal

Resolved: The benefits of genetically modified food outweigh the risks (Texas UIL LD) CON Pt 2

Answering Other Arguments Majority of Scientists Good Pro teams will argue that a majority of scientists support GM foods. Good Con teams will need to be able to counter this. I suggest a few arguments. One, the majority of scientists are bought of by the GM foods industry. David H. Freedman, 2013, August 20, Freedman has been covering science, business and technology for 30 years. His most recent book, Wrong,

Foreign Policy Dictionary

Foreign Policy Dictionary Alliance – a group of two or more countries that agree to work together, supporting each other both economically, militarily, and diplomatically, in order to create a world centered on shared values Appeasement – a foreign policy approach which seeks to avoid antagonizing threatening countries rather than confronting them Arms Race – a competition among two or more countries to expand and improve their militaries the fastest;

Will the collapse of the INF treaty lead to a new arms race between the U.S. and Russia?

What the INF’s Treaty’s collapse means for nuclear proliferation (2019).  On Friday, the United States is set to withdraw from a Cold War–era agreement, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, that banned Washington and Moscow from using certain types of missiles. The end of the treaty could spark a new nuclear arms race. What’s in the treaty? These weapons systems are considered particularly destabilizing because the missiles can reach their

Will India and Pakistan go to war?

General India and Pakistan: Two nations always on the brink of war 20 years later, India-Pakistan remain tense over Kashmir Here’s what it’s like on the border between India and Pakistan  Yes How India plans to win a war against China or Pakistan No What happened 20 years ago over Kargil and why it’s unlikely to happen again (2019) Pakistan cannot fight a full-fledged war against India (2019) A major

Resolved: The benefits of genetically modified food outweigh the risks (Texas UIL LD) Bibliography

News articles GM foods at the Guardian GM Foods Good/Safe Risk-only assessment of genetically engineered crops is too risky (2019). Every new or improved technology, regardless of its particular field or application, can involve risk, potential risk, or perception of risk by stakeholders and/or end users. However, it is often overlooked that the rejection of technology also has risks in the form of missed opportunities for benefits. For example, a