Call/text: (617) 682-9697 | e: [email protected] | f: 617-391-3067


How can we contact you?

The quickest way to contact us is to email us at [email protected]

Do you take checks and/or purchase orders?

Yes, we take purchase orders and you can pay by check.  Simply click on our order form. (2017-18 order form)

I purchased a multi-user subscription.  How do I add additional students?

Additional students can be added by signing on to your account a simply clicking “Here.  This will show you the number of users you have purchased access for.

To add students, simply enter their email addresses. This will auto generate an email to them to confirm their registration.  Once they confirmed, they will be registered and our database and associated with your permission level.

Detailed instructions

I only participate in one event. Why do I see content for the other events?

If you only participate in one event, indicate that in your profile. Once that is indicated you should only see content for that event and you will be automatically directed to a specific home page for that event.

But I participate in more than one event….?

If you indicate you participate in more than one event (or if you do not choose a specific event), you will see our main home page for all events.

Can I purchase a multi-user subscription for a single event?

Multi-user accounts can only be purchased at the Master subscription level.