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IPPF 2016 — Refugees

IPPF Topic Resolved: The obligation to provide safe haven for refugees should outweigh a government’s right to control its borders

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11-26Half a million children are trapped in Syria

11-26¬†Dallas mayor says he’s more fearful of armed white men than Syrian refugees

11-24 After Trump’s election, uncertainty for Syrian refugees in the US

11-24 Agony of Aleppo follows Syrian refugees into exile

11-21  Trump cabinet contender accidentally reveals hardline refugee stance

10-20  Syrian refugees: A people in crisis 

10-20  7 lies Trump has spread about refugees entering the US 

9-2: Cry to help refugees from Alan Kurdi’s father¬†, Urgent calls to increase support for refugees, Delays and desperation drive refugees to use smugglers

9-1: The Syrian refugee crisis: Bad and worse options¬†, Kurdi’s death has changed little for refugees, How different countries have responded, Child refugees struggle alone in Bulgaria¬†, Refugee lives stripped of meaning in detention , UN agency applauds US leadership on refugees, Stunning images capture harsh reality of refugee life for children

8-29: Hunger grips thousands of new South Sudan refugees 

8-28: Anne Frank today is a Syrian girl, Germany expecting up to 300,000 refugees this year, Refugee crisis simmers despite efforts to solve it, The world must bear the crisis of refugees equally, Germany can handle up to 300,000 refugees,

8-26: Helping refugees today is a moral imperative of our time , Hungary to build second border fence to stop refugees,

8-25: EU refugee pact with Turkey may collapse ,

8-24: Dangerous migrant crossings,

8-21: Fake passports for ISIL terrorists found in refugee camps,

8-20: Obama urged to double refugee intake

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November PF Topic — In response to the current crisis, a government should prioritize the humanitarian needs of refugees over its national interests.

Answering the Con’s Terrorism Argument

Answering Social Contract Theory

Answering Private Actors

Pro Terrorism Contention

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Discussion of Arguments @ Minneapple

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Sample Pro Constructive

Sample Con Constructive

Answers to Some Questions on the November PF Resolution

Crisis, The State of Exception, and the November PF Resolution

We have a new, supplement file that has has supporting link evidence on international law, contemporary international law, international legal support, Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria, and refoulment.

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Resolution Background —This¬† essay covers an explanation of the terms of the resolution, international law, and the strategic considerations.

Pro Essay — Arguments that support the Pro side of the resolution.

Con Essay — Arguments that support the Pro side of the resolution.

Refugee Crisis Background   This essay provides general background on the European refugee crisis.  The topic background that is specific to the resolution is above.

Refugees Daily


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