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Politics Files 2016-17!

Millennial Speech & Debate will be producing a weekly politics file for the season. A Premium subscription entitles you to access 34 files during the course of the year — Less than $2/file!  And, of course, full site access is included with the subscription!

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January 20

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January 13

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January 11

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December 1 Politics — Cures Act, NDAA, Trump Agenda

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November 2 Politics — Elections, TPP, Senate Majority, Clinton Agenda

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October 28 — Senate Majority, Elections, Garland

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October 14 — Elections

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September 29 Elections Update

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September 23 Elections Update

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September 21 — Elections and TPP

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September 17 Politics — Elections Update

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September 16 Politics — Continuing Resolution DA

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September 15 Politics

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September 8 Politics Update

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September 3 Politics Update

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September 2 Politics Update

This update contains evidence from August 31 and September 1st that is primarily about the US election. There is strong evidence in the file to answer the Landslide disadvantage and also to answer the claim that uniqueness overwhelms the link for the general elections disadvantage.

This file will be updated over the weekend in the Drop Box for our Drop Box subscribers.

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Landslide/Down Ballots DA  — This disadvantage argues that Hillary will inevitably win the election now but that unpopular Obama policies will be tied to her, reducing the risk that she will win in a landslide.  The impact in the 1NC is that a landslide victory is needed to make passage of the TPP in the lame duck possible. Climate change and Supreme Court agenda impacts are also included.

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Zika Funding DA

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TPP DA — There are extensive updates for the lame duck TPP political capital DA

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TPP Impact files — These files have been updated

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Internal Links

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Weekend/Saturday updates – We will be publishing weekend politics updates for our Drop Box subscribers ($199). Synch your Drop Box and our updates will automatically synch to your Drop Box!


June 8 Politics

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May 28

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April 29

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April 6

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March 31

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March 27

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March 17

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March 16

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March 11

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March 3

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February 5

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January 29

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January 22

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January 14

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January 7

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December 11

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December 9

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December 4

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November 20

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November 18

TPP File —

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November 11

This release is focused on government shut-down politics.

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November 6

With the passage of the highway bill, which included the Ex-Im Bank funding,  in both the House and the Senate, I spent this morning preparing a full Omnibus Spending Bill Impact.  The DA has a shut-down impact.

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November 4

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October 30

This has been a tough weeks for the Politics DA and it is why this week’s file is late.

As you undoubtedly heard by now, in the wee hours of Friday morning, the Senate passed a two year budget agreement (the House previously passed it) that authorizes increases defense and social spending and raises the debt ceiling, removing two key Politics issues.

McConnell removed a third issue — the Ex-Im Bank — when he refused to bring stand alone Ex-Im legislation to the floor.

A fourth, cyber security, is also arguably resolved, with the Senate passing the CISA bill, though the Senate’s bill must be reconciled with the House bill.

Although I will continue to update the file, the only agenda item I believe is still relevant, at least in the short-term, is the highway bill. Congress did pass a 30 day extension of the highway bill, but Congress needs to act by November 20th to pass a long-term extension.  Given this, the DA (though not particularly strong) that I wrote for this week is the Highway Bill.

This DA does have a novel link story — Right now Paul Ryan, the newly elected Speaker of the House, will with Mitch McConnell to move legislation, but if Ryan does something early to alienate the conservative bass (pass surveillance legislation through a deal with McConnell), it will threaten the overall agenda. Ideally, this DA could use a better impact than the highway bill, but it is what is available now.

If you are a subscriber, you should check back Saturday morning at 7am for another update to it.

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October 23

This small update has new evidence on Debt Ceiling, CISA (Cybersecurity), and Budget

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October 21 —

This initial file has updates for Debt Ceiling, Ex-Im, CISA,  and Budget (an answer).

The basic change for this week is that both parties have decided to prioritize resolving the Debt Ceiling before dealing with any budget negotiations such as sequestration. So, I think the best DA right now is Debt Ceiling, especially since the uniqueness for Ex-Im has cooled a bit.

There is also a cyber security DA kicking around. It’s a good DA in that the Senate may pass a bill, but the problem is that if it passes the Senate it will be substantially different than the bill the House passed so it will need to go back there for approval. Who knows when that will happen and there is no evidence that Obama’s capital is key to any action in the House.  Nonetheless, I included some basic evidence about it and there are cyber impact ans answer files.

I will update this file again on Thursday.

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Export-Import Bank DA

The best disadvantage for this upcoming weekend (10-15/16) is the Export-Import Bank DA.  There is a shell included here as well as some other relevant updates.  This file will continue to be updated through Friday.

To support running and answering the DA, you should also download the two Ex-Im files below — one contains the DA and another contains a set of impact answers.


Debt Ceiling

Based on a new letter from Treasury Secretary Lew, the Debate Ceiling DA is also strong.  As of yesterday (10-14), the Treasury is expected to run out of money on November 3rd and will need to borrow at that time.

This DA has a unique link — as long as Boehner brings the legislation to raise the ceiling to the floor it will likely pass, so the argument is that the plan will alienate Boehner, meaning no debt deal legislation.

I updated the above file to include a shell and uniqueness extensions, but you should also download the debt ceiling impact file.



Related —

There are still some relevant cards in these files if you want to read another DA (sequestration, debt ceiling)

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Highway Trust Fund Bill Backfile

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Export-Import Bank DA Backfile

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Democrat Vote-Switching Links

I turned out this file to support the Iran DA, but it is still very useful — it identifies what 34 Democratic Senators think of surveillance — very useful for other Politics debates

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Teams could also read the Elections DA, and one team did at Wake Forest.  I’ve included some updates in case you need them (you will need to underline the cards) and I hope to have some additional files available soon.

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Cuba Scenario (free, Michigan)  Cuba Scenario (free, SDI)   Gitmo Scenario (free, Michigan)


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September 17

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August 27

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September 2

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