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1 hour coaching sale

1 hour coaching sale

All new subscriptions are valid until June 2020!


*User Levels and Pricing

    • We have added a number of unique user levels — Public Forum, L-D, Policy, Extemp, Congress, and Public Speaking. Users can subscribe to each user level for the year for $99 each.
    • Individuals can subscribe for free — “Free Public Forum Users.”  These users can access a limited amount of content for free when they are logged in. Users must have selected at least one event when choosing their free level in order to see content at that level.
    • We have also added a Master subscription level that gives access to all users levels for $239 for the year.  Those who purchase multi user accounts can add additional students for $20/student. We also have multi user accounts can add additional students for $20/student — see pricing below.  These prices are good until September 1, 2020.


*An easy way to add students to multi-user accounts


Coaches who purchase multi-user accounts can simply add students by entering in those students’ email addresses.  After the email is entered, students will receive an email to confirm.SubscriptionsSubscriptions entitle users to full access to all of Millennial’s downloadable resources, including readings in any format, videos, and files.____ $99 individual user Public Forum Subscription____ $99 individual user Policy Subscription____ $99 individual user L-D Subscription____ $99 individual user Extemp/OO Subscription____ $99 individual user Congress Subscription____ $99 individual user Argumentation/Public Speaking Subscription____ $239 Single User Master Subscription – access ALL user levelsSingle User Master Subscriptions include access to a shared DropBox Folder with hundreds of files in order that coaches and students have easy updates of all material and access to files in progress. Institutional subscriptions allow coaches to add students from their school for $20/student. Premium access starts from the date of purchase and extends until June 16, 2018.____$249 + $20 for every additional student (indicate number of students below)There are also a number of further discounted multi-user (from the same school) subscriptions available. These really represent our best value.___Automate 10 (Coach + 10 student access to all content, including automated courses) $299___Automated 50 $599___Automated 80 $799___Base 50 $999 Includes 10 hours of online coaching___Base 100 $1599 Includes 15 hours of online coaching___Gold Enterprise 100 $1999 Includes 20 hours of online coaching___Platinum Enterprise 100 $4999 Includes 50 hours of online coaching___Titanium Enterprise 100 $9999 Includes 100 hours of online coaching