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Summer 2021 Camp

The DebateUS! online Summer Camp will run from July 19-30 (July 25 off) from 10am-4pm with an, optional 4pm-5pm time for office hours for the students. The tuition for the programs is $895 (until April 1, increases to $1095 after that). Students who enroll have the option of immediately starting our Wednesday night classes that begin March 3.

The program is open to students entering grades 6-12. Students will be grouped into classes based on a combination of demonstrated ability (success in tournaments) and age.

There are two sessions that are available.

July 19-30 10am-4/5 pm ET
July 19-30 9pm-3am ET

The content of these sessions is identical, so students choose one of the sessions when they register.

Once students register, they can immediately start participating in our Wednesday sessions.

Program Directors & Instructors

Stefan Bauschard is he Founder of DebateUS! Stefan was a policy debate coach for the Harvard University Debate Council for twelve years, and is currently the Debate Coach for Lakeland School District. He founder the Georgetown Public Forum debate tournaments,  the Middle School Tournament of Champions, and the Silver division of the Tournament of Champions.

Over the last 3 years, DebateUS! has provided more than 5,000 hours of online speech & debate instruction to students all around the world.

Stefan has been actively teaching speaking and debating in the United States at both the high school and college levels since 1994. During that time, he has taught hundreds of students, developed and tabulated more than one hundred tournaments, spent thousands of hours developing research and instructional materials for debaters all over the country, and has developed academic speech and debate workshops in the United States and abroad. His students have reached the late elimination rounds of all the major high school debate tournaments, have qualified to the TOC, finished 6th out of more than 200 teams at US NSDA nationals, and have competed in all formats. He has worked to develop debate in the US, Canada, China, the Dominican Republic, Korea, Japan, Morocco, and Taiwan. High school students he has worked with have been admitted to Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Emory, Georgetown, Northwestern, and many additional top US universities. His elementary students have been accepted to  Harrow International School Hong Kong and Legacy International in Switzerland.

Conrad Palor attended the University of Notre Dame where he received degrees in Philosophy and Accountancy.  While in high school, Conrad debated for four years at Green Valley High School (NV), serving as vice president his junior year and president his senior year. Conrad qualified to the Tournament of Champions twice in Public Forum and was ranked as high as fourth in the nation his senior year. He reached late out rounds at the majority of tournaments he attended, including both the TOC (twice) and the NSDA National Tournament (three times). Conrad won the Alta Invitational, the Bingham Copper Classic, the 2016 IPF NSDA National Tournament, and the Nevada State Tournament (twice). Outside of Public Forum, Conrad placed top 14 in the nation in House at the 2017 NSDA National Tournament and was the runner up in United States Extemporaneous Speaking at the Nevada State Tournament. As a coach, Conrad has helped multiple teams qualify to the tournament of champions and achieve competitive success on both their local and national circuits respectively.

Conrad has taught online for more than 1,000 hours as part of DebateUS! online tutoring and course programs.


Madison Cahill debated for 4 years at La Salle College Preparatory in Pasadena, California, and competed in Public Forum and Extemporaneous Speaking. Madison qualified both their junior and senior year to the Tournament of Champions. They received 2 gold bids and 4 silver bids.  They qualified for NSDA Nationals their freshman, sophomore, and junior year and reached the elimination round 2 years. In addition, they qualified in 2020 to both the TOC and the NIETOC in Extemporaneous Speaking. They have been ranked as high as the top 20 in the Nation and 2nd in the state of California and have gotten speaker awards at National tournaments like the Yale Invitational and the Arizona State Tournament. They cannot wait to coach at DebateUS this summer!

Arunabh Sarkar debated for Highland High School in Idaho, serving as PF captain his senior year. Most notably, Arunabh placed 7th at the NSDA 2019 National Tournament, earning an autoqual to the TOC, while also making octafinals at the 2020 TOC (where he won 9th speaker). During the regular season, Arunabh championed the Cooper Classic and quarterfinaled Alta. Outside of PF, Arunabh was the Idaho State Champion in both extemporaneous and impromptu speaking. Since graduating, Arunabh has coached for Rowland Hall and Ivy Bridge Academy, helping his students qualify for the TOC and clear at numerous national tournaments, including ASU, Alta, UNLV, and Bingham. He is extremely excited to bring his diverse style to DebateUS.

Dylan debated for two years at Coronado High School, where he was captain of the school’s Public Forum program. As Captain of the team he worked against a limited budget, making the most out of his limited opportunities by earning five bids out of six national circuit tournaments he attended.  As a competitor, Dylan championed La Costa Canyon, finaled at ASU, and made it to late elimination rounds at NSDA Nationals. As a coach, Dylan has helped teams to receive a total of 16 bids to the Tournament of Champions, helping debaters with a wide variety of experience realize high levels of competitive success. Dylan is incredibly excited to work at DebateUS this summer!

Sabrina Cai debated at Mission San Jose High School in California for four years, serving as the PF captain her senior year. During this time, she amassed ten bids to the Tournament of Champions. She has reached semifinals at SVUDL, quarter finals at UK Season Opener and Berkeley, and closed out La Costa Canyon. In addition, she has reached elimination rounds at tournaments like Bronx, Apple Valley, and Berkeley. Sabrina is very excited to be working at DebateUS this summer!

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