A Prompt for a PF Debate Case Contention

If you have access to/use a generative AI tool at home or school, you may want to try these prompts

1 – Case Construction

Prompt: Please write a pro public forum case contention. The Contention should revolve around the theme of AI increasing economic growth [or insert the basic theme of your contention]. The Contention should offer 3 reasons why AI will increase economic growth and 2 reasons why continued economic growth is essential [swap these out for your links and impacts]. The contention should be approximately 300 words.

After you have the AI produce the output

Verify any sources it references.

Bold the key claims made by the AI tool (AIs can also help you identify the key claims)

Determine if there are any additional sources you wish to use for the arguments/claims  the AI provided a source to support. Remember that in debate most claims must be supported with evidence.You can find sources for the claims through traditional Google searches and/or with Bing.com/new and Perplexity.ai (those integrate chatbot tech and searches). You should always verify the source.

Determine what other arguments that are made by the AI that you need sources/evidence to support and find those sources.

Re-word anything where you think the wording could be improved. Remember that you need this to be persuasive.

Check with the AI (or a friend or parent or coach or teacher) for any additional reasons to support your link (AI helps the economy) or your impact (economic growth is good). Do you want to substitute any of those reasons in? Why?

Check the word count (AIs use tokens and have trouble counting words) so your requested word output will be approximate. You should practice your contention to make sure it is no more than 90-120 seconds (the total speech time is 240 seconds).

Then write a second contention, using the same process.

You should never rely on the AI to write your contention, but you can use it to help you generate ideas and a basic draft (the same way you might ask a friend).