Baltimore student gets free ride to college for speaking 240 words per minute with speedy debate style

BALTIMORE — You could hear a clip over and over again from Kalil Bennett and still not understand a word he’s saying.

It’s called spreading, a debate style that’s faster than you could ever imagine, for Kalil it’s 240 words per minute.

“You just speak really fast. My partner David is a little faster than me. He’s at about 250 words per minute. You’re just speaking at mock five every time,” Kalil said.

But their speeches are well researched and organized.

In one of his speeches, he talks about cyber security of military satellites and how our system and how our system needs to be updated. He won first place in the Pennsbury Falcon Invitational with his speedy speech.

To”It just takes listening to debates and just practicing speaking at that level, speaking at that pace. It also allows you to be able to comprehend people at that pace as well,” Kalil said. “The hardest thing about debate is consistency. I think it takes a lot of preparation and things that a lot of people aren’t willing to do.”

His collection of awards shows how willing he’s been to follow his path. He joined the debate club at Calvert Hall High School his freshman year. Today, he’s ranked the number one policy debater in Maryland, and 11th in the country.

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