Big Tech (NSDA) PF Topic Intro Lecture

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(1) How are “Technology Giants/Big Tech? defined?
(a) Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Google
(b) Having a value of over $500 billion
(c) None of the above
(d) Both
(2) What is antitrust?
(a) a lack of trust
(b) A reduction in trust
(c) A monopoly
(d) None of the above
(3) What are two planks of Warren’s plan to enforce antitrust against the Technology Giants?
(a) Can’t operate in another business space, can’t sell your own goods if you own a platform valued at $25 billion+
(b) Can’t have more than $100 billion in revenue, can’t have your own goods on your own platform
(c) Cannot monopolize an entire business space, cannot be disliked by the public
(d) None of the above
(4) What two important framework argument(s) on this topic?
(a) Price and economic concentration
(b) Price and public opposition
(c) Economic concentration and international competition
(d) Neither of the above
(5) What problems did Standard Oil create?
(a) It sold a lot of oil
(b) It monopolized the oil sector
(c) It purchased industries outside of its area of primary business
(d) All of the above
(e) b & c
(6) Why is antitrust relevant to Big Tech?
(a) Big Tech purchases industries outside of their own core industry
(b) Big Tech controls all of their own market space
(c)  Big Tech makes a lot of money
(d) A & B
(e) All of the above
(7) Name the law(s)  that are relevant to antitrust
(a) Sherman Act
(b) Clayton Act
(c)  FTC Act
(d)  A & B
(e)  None of the above
(f) All of the above.
Higher Order Questions
Why is concentrated economic power a threat to democracy?
How is Amazon similar to Standard Oil?
If someone ask you in crossfire what “big tech” is, how would you explain it?
If someone asked you in crossfire what “antitrust “ is, how would you explain it?
Teacher’s Guide —  Note The Teacher’s Guide contains answers to all of these questions. For now, this is publicly available, though in the future it will be available only to Teachers who are subscribers.