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Resolved: The benefits of genetically modified food outweigh the risks (Texas UIL LD) CON Pt 2

Answering Other Arguments

Majority of Scientists

Good Pro teams will argue that a majority of scientists support GM foods. Good Con teams will need to be able to counter this. I suggest a few arguments.

One, the majority of scientists are bought of by the GM foods industry.

David H. Freedman, 2013, August 20, Freedman has been covering science, business and technology for 30 years. His most recent book, Wrong, explores the forces that cause scientists and other experts to mislead us, Scientific American, The Truth About Genetically Modified Food. DOA: 9/28/14,

Across campus, David Williams, a cellular biologist who specializes in vision, has the opposite complaint. “A lot of naive science has been involved in pushing this technology,” he says. “Thirty years ago we didn’t know that when you throw any gene into a different genome, the genome reacts to it. But now anyone in this field knows the genome is not a static environment. Inserted genes can be transformed by several different means, and it can happen generations later.” The result, he insists, could very well be potentially toxic plants slipping through testing. Williams concedes that he is among a tiny minority of biologists raising sharp questions about the safety of GM crops. But he says this is only because the field o

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