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(Pro): Climate Change Answers

Their argument is morally reprehensible.  The Con has no alternative to development led by China and the BRI, so their argument is literally that people in the developing world should stay poor and suffer an early death in order to avoid a marginal increase in coal consumption relative to the developed world where wealthy people live in air conditioned spaces and jet set around the world.  There is a moral obligation to reduce poverty

Peet and Hartwick 99 — Richard Peet, Professor in the Graduate School of Geography at Clark University, and Elaine Hartwick, Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Geography at Clark University, 1999 (Theories of Development, Published by The Guilford Press, ISBN 1572304898, p. 202-203)

Ethics are principles of right and wrong, good and bad, that human beings following their best intentions try to exercise in their relations with others and with the natural world. Humans differ from animals in the fundamental sense of being conscious of existing, but also in having conscience about our actions. That is, we make moral and ethical judgments about intentions and behaviors in which our actions are related to broader contexts, something greater than the particular, something long lasting, perhaps even eternal. This relationship to wider meanings occurs at the level of belief—that is, principles of existence held at the emotional level so that ideas are felt in a bodily way. For religious people, this greater thing is God, the o

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