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(PRO): Human Rights Answers

No internal link evidence – Even if Europe joining would reduce human rights pressure, there is no evidence that human rights pressure will work

Non-unique: China is violating human rights now despite the EU not joining.

European Commission and HR/VP contribution to the European Council, March 9, 2019, EU-China: A Strategic Outlook

The ability of EU and China to engage effectively on human rights will be an important measure of the quality of the bilateral relationship. The EU acknowledges China’s progress in economic and social rights. However, in other respects, the human rights situation in China is deteriorating, notably in Xinjiang and regarding civil and political rights, as witnessed by the continuing crackdown on human rights lawyers and defenders.

China’s investment does not give it political leverage in Europe

Kavalski, Emilian Kavalski & Mayer, 2019, Maximilian Mayer Assistant Professor in International Studies and leader of the Research Priority Group on Global Technologies and Political Order at the Global Institute for Silk Road Studies., University of Nottingham Director of the Global Institute for Silk Roads Studies and the Li Dak Sum Chair Profess

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