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PERA Case Vocabulary

  Abstract idea: A concept or thought that is not tied to any specific instance or concrete example. Algorithm: A step-by-step procedure or formula for

K: Confusionism/Ruism

Introduction The Ruism kritik, also known as the Confucianism kritik, is a philosophical and political argument that critiques modern society, politics, and ethics through the

Counterplan — Chevron

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Counterplan — International Treaties

The international treaties counterplan involves the United States proposing and negotiating a new international intellectual property treaty, rather than simply enacting domestic IP protections. Some

DA — Business Confidence

Introduction The Business Confidence Disadvantage, often referred to as the “BizCon DA” in debate circles, is a common argument used against policy proposals that could

DA: China-US Relations

The United States and China are engaged in an intensifying competition for global leadership in intellectual property and innovation, particularly in emerging technologies like artificial

CP — Antitrust

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Inter Parties Review Aff

Introduction The patent system in the United States has long been viewed as a cornerstone of innovation and economic growth. By granting inventors exclusive rights

DA: Anti-Trust Horse Trading

The antitrust horse-trading disadvantage argues that the FTC and DOJ are cracking-down on AI in anti-trust issues now but that they only have the drive