China Advantages

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Advantage Areas

I normally address the primary advantage areas in more detail, but given the breadth of the topic I will run through them quickly.  For a more thorough discussion of likely advantages, see the Case area.

I do think the stronger cases will claim advantages that are likely intrinsic to engaging China, such as US-China relations, China’s economic development, containing China, and the avoidance of US-military conflict with China.

There are, however, other advantages.  Beyond the issues already discussed, these include China-Russian relations, China-Japan relations, US power projection in Asia, the security of sea lanes, US global hegemony (both hard and soft power), US military readiness, China conventional force readiness, China nuclear modernization, terrorism, China & US influence in the Middle East and Latin America, free trade (both regional and global), nuclear proliferation, and China’s global soft power.

Basically, since China is a global power, every impact you have ever seen read will likely become an impact on this topic.