Crypto Tax Answers


No uniqueness. Between infrastructure and reconciliation, the government is about to spend another $3 trillion. There is no reason that a small increase in tax enforcement will have any meaningful impact on the budget deficit, the total debt, or the total amount of spending.

No internal link. .The US government is approaching a $30 trillion debt.  The gove3rnment is only constrained on what it chooses to spend, not fiscal limits. If they want to spend more money on social issues they’ll just do that.

The link is nonsensical.  Individuals already pay taxes when they convert crypto back to cash, assuming there is a gain.  There is no way for them to pay taxes on it when they hold it because no one pays income or capital gains taxes on anything they invest in until they sell it.

They aren’t reading any evidence that social welfare programs reduce poverty.

Government spending results in economic harm and increases inequality.

Adam A. Millsap 21. Senior Fellow for economic opportunity issues at Stand Together and the Charles Koch Institute. “The High Costs Of Too Much Government Spending”

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