Debate Andrew Yang to Learn About UBI

Debates over universal basic income (UBI) are a core part of this year’s policy debate topic. They will also likely emerge as counterplan debates if the housing rights topic wins in L-D. UBI has frequently been a PF topic.

Now, imagine you are a student and you want to learn about UBI.  I’d point you to the essay and files I produced for that topic. I’d also encourage you to review the vocabulary list.

Many debaters will do this and still get hung up in individual debates responding to arguments. It’s easy to read and generally understand things; it’s much hard to debate out the details

Participating in practice debates will help you with these things. You can organize your teammates, find someone to judge and get to work.

But what if you can’t find enough teammates or you really need help with a few particular arguments and you can’t find your coach (or maybe your coach doesn’t know about UBI).

Well, you could debate a learning bot —

And you don’t have to just debate anyone, you can debate Andrew Yang, the main proponent of UBI!

First, you select your topic.

Then you choose your opponent.

Then start making the arguments you want answers to —


Ok, so you get the basic idea.

But say you need a response to these arguments?

Not the button on the bottom that lets the Master Debater give you responses.

So, it can help you with both sides of the debate.

A few notes of caution

(1) Do not quote this in a debate. This not Andrew Yang speaking.  This tool uses a large language model to predict what he would say. You can use these ideas to help your understanding or simply speak them as “analytics” in a debate.

(2) Fact-check. This is output is produced by a large language model (LLM) and LLMs cannot be relied on for facts. You should fact-check this output if you want to use the facts (and that will get you some actual quoted evidence).

(3) I don’t know which LLM this uses or if it covers current materials


This is great way to help you improve a basic understanding of any debate topic!

Good luck!