DebateUS! Teacher FAQ

What types of courses are offered through DebateUS!/Global Academic Commons?

We offer online courses in Public Forum debate (intro, advanced, and topic prep), Original Oratory, Extemp, and general public speaking skills.

Who are your students?

Our courses are offered to students in China, mostly middle and high school.

When would I need to be available, and how are the courses structured?

Courses run either in the mornings or evenings 7 days a week. They are sold in different packages with varying time commitments: normally, our courses meet once or twice per week for 1-2 hour sessions, though that will vary depending on student schedules and needs. They do not necessarily follow a semester/quarter system: we have courses starting all throughout the year.

If I teach for you, do I have to teach a certain number of courses?

You are under no obligation to teach a certain amount of courses; you can accept any number of courses as they fit into your schedule.

When are most classes scheduled?

While we do have courses 7 days a week, the great majority of them are scheduled on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Availability for these days is our greatest need right now.

What’s the pay?

Pay is as follows: BA, $35/hour; MA, $40/hour; PhD, $45/hour. Pay is biweekly on Fridays.

Am I responsible for generating all teaching materials?

Curricular materials are provided, but all classes give you the opportunity to personalize the materials and present them in the way that best fits the group of students you are teaching.

How many students are in your classes?

Classes generally have between 1 and 8 students, with the majority falling between 2-4 students.

What platform do you use to teach the classes?

We use a platform called ClassIn. Training is provided and it is very simple and intuitive to use.